President ~ Caitlin
Vice President ~  Brittany
Secretary/Reporter ~ Tiffany
Treasurer ~ Dana

Don't forget about Fair Qualifiers! These include countywide or district contests (Public Speaking, Presentation, Share the Fun, Fashion Review, 4-H camps ( Summer, lamb, horse) TALT, Horse Judging/Hippology Competitions, Dairy Bowl, 4-H Congress
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Welcome Belle and Page, our newest 4-H members! Belle is 9 years old, and is eager to learn everything she can about horses. Page is 16, and is active in the United States Pony Club. She events and loves to teach about horses and hippology!
Caitlin showed her pony Zara at a District Qualifying Show!
Equine Enthusiasts Throughout the Years!!!
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Congratulations to Brooke, Kayla and Lily for getting BLUE ribbons in the County Public Speaking Presentation and Fashion Revue Contests!