President - Sarah 
Vice President ~ Lili 
Secretary ~ Brooke
Corresponding Secretary ~ Emma
Treasurer ~ Ava
Historian ~ Jill
Recreation Leader ~ Keagan

Don't forget about Fair Qualifiers! These include countywide or district contests (Public Speaking, Presentation, Share the Fun, Fashion Review, 4-H camps ( Summer, lamb, horse) TALT, Horse Judging/Hippology Competitions, Dairy Bowl, 4-H Congress
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Welcome Ava, Keagan, Karoline, Tori, Kate, Emma, Carmen, Jill, Cassie, Lily, Tori H, Elizabeth, Emma,  Isabelle, Sadie, J-Dawg, Shaylin and Alyssa!
Coming soon!!
Congrats to Shaylin!! She won 2nd place and 5th place ribbons at her very first horse show!!
Welcome to 4-H!! Day Camp at the 2017 Clarke County Fair Horse Barn!!
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