Click on the clover for the answer!!!.
 Barbara is studying the jumping course that she and her horse  will be doing at the Fair. She notes that there are 72 feet between the 2 jumps in 
the diagonal line. How many strides should she have between the two jumps?
Tori and Elizabeth are researching poisonous plants that can endanger their horses. For their reference source, click on the clover.
  Keagan and Kara will be helping the vet at a check point during the Old Dominion Endurance Ride. They will be helping check the vital signs of horses while the vet checks for soundness. What are normal vital signs?
Lauren is doing a presentation on the Evolution of the Horse.
She knows that the last living link to the ancient horse is a breed called ________?
 Sarah is studying to be an equine vet. She knows that understanding that the first step to understanding how the equine body functions, i.e. physiology, is to understand its structure, or anatomy. To study the anatomy of the horse, click on the clover.
Emma works at a local horse barn where there are many brood mares. This year's crop of foals are beautiful, and the owner would like to breed the mares back to the same stallion during their foal heat. What does that mean?
 Ava is taking her horse to Dr. Rode's vet clinic. He looks in her horse's mouth, and tells her that her horse is 5 years old. How did he know?
 Can you name this         breed of horse?
Horsey Trivia !!!
Brooke and Lyla are studying for the Hippology Contest. They need to know all the facial and leg marking of the horse. Can you  help them?