Information for new members ....
and a great review for returning 4-Hers too!
The 4-H Pledge

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
my heart to greater loyalty,
my hands to larger service
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

The 4-H Motto - To make the best better

       The official 4-H emblem is a green four-leaf clover with a          white H on each leaf standing for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. White and green are the 4-H colors. The white symbolizes purity and the green represents growth.
4-H Project Book Guidelines for 2012

You may place a project book in a notebook, folder or binder. When turning in project books, the order in the notebook should be:

1. 4-H Member Record

2. 4-H goals sheet -  click here for a copy

3. Copy of 4-H Horse Project Eligibility/Declaration                                    click on the horse for a copy

4. Project Book

5. Any extra pictures of youth working in the project area

6. Any special materials relating only to that project

Some Other Hints for Project Books!

1. Do not put projects that are in different areas in the same notebook.

2. Work on your project book all through the 4-H year - don't wait until the last minute.

3. Make sure your book is complete, neat and easy to read, and  watch for mis-spelled words.

4. 4-Hers who are age 11 and above should use black or blue ink: keep the ink color the same throughout the project book. 4Hers who are 9-10 years old may use pencil or pen, but be sure to be consistent; do not use pen then switch to pencil. Senior 4-Hers may use a combination of black pen and word processing/typewriting with prior approval of the 4H Extension Agent.

5. Make sure the handwriting and work is your own. If something does not apply to your project book, write N/A instead of leaving the space blank.

6. Pictures should be captioned and if it is a group photo, use a star or sticker to identify yourself

7. Make sure your math is accurate, and your data is correct.

8. Make sure your book has all the required signatures
As a new member or a returning member, you will be asked to complete paperwork at the beginning of each 4-H year. The 4-H year starts Oct 1st, and ends September 30th. To complete your paperwork ~

1. Click on the 4-H Forms button on the Navigator bar above

2. Print out all the forms (in either English or Spanish - not both ) that have a green star to the right and fill them out. There are places you have to sign, and some places your parents have to sign. On the first page of the 4-H Member Enrollment form, #15 asks for the code and project name of the project to be completed - just leave that blank for now.

3. Bring $2 to the meeting, along with your completed paperwork. The $2 fee goes to the Extension Office and is used to cover 4-H insurance for you.

We ask that parents sign up as volunteers simply because as volunteers they are eligible to be covered under 4-H insurance if they are assisting in a 4-H sponsored event, for example car-pooling to a clinic, or helping out at the Fair. If one of your parents is willing to sign up as a volunteer then have your parent:

1. Print and fill out all the forms with a purple star to the left (in English or Spanish)
2. Bring an additional $2 per parent volunteer and their paperwork to the meeting

Also please review the club's Constitution and Bylaws. By Virginia State law, all members of a 4-H Club are required to ratify, or vote this as accepted, each year. By attaching it to this email, we can expedite ratifying it, since you will have already read it before the meeting. If you have suggestions for change - awesome! Bring them to the meeting!

You will also be electing officers, because this is your club, and our philosophy is who better to run a 4-H Club than 4-Hers! We old people are just there to hang out and interfere only when absolutely necessary. In the EEs, the officer team makes the preliminary schedule of  activities for the whole year, then presents it to all the members for voting, so if you want to have the inside track on program planning, then run for an office or serve on the program planning committee! I have also attached a great guide about the different 4-H club offices. It's pretty detailed, for example - don't worry about knowing everything about Parliamentary Procedure, because we teach you that throughout the year. Also the EEs have a Recording Secretary, who takes meeting minutes, and then submits a report to the Extension Office, so it is a sort of blended Secretary/Reporter role. Only Senior and Intermediate 4-Hers may be President.