This is a Fjord, one of the world's oldest and purest breeds. The Fjord is a native of Norway and archeological excavation at Viking burial sites show that Fjords have been selectively bred for over 2000 years. The Fjord is one of the very few breeds to have retained its original character and color. Fjords have a dun coat, which may vary from a brown-dun to a yellow-dun.They also have distinctive markings: a darker dorsal stripe which runs from the forelock down through the middle of the mane, along the back and into the tail, and zebra stripes on the legs. The head is small and well defined with a flat forehead, large eyes and a calm expression. The profile is preferably slightly concave with large nostrils and a wide muzzle. The ears are short, truncated and point forward. The neck is often short and strong, but well set. A Fjord should have a deep girth and a wide chest. The back is of medium length, and both back and loins are well muscled. The legs should be strong with flat bones and well defined joints. Overall the Fjord should give the impression of strength and alertness, combined with a calm and kind disposition.
Fjords are well-known for their versatility. They make excellent children's mounts, and excel in the pony hunter division. They are also great pack horses, and perform well in endurance and driving. In Europe, they are used extensively in therapeutic riding programs.