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 The Clarke County Horse Judging Team has gone on a field trip to the Charlestown Race Track. On the way they play "Horse Trivia." Torey 
tries to trick them by asking them what three horses were the founding sires of the Thoroughbred breed. Do you know?
The HippologyTeam is at a big contest, and they're stumped on the last question! They have to name the most popular native American breed horse, and the oldest native American breed? Can you help them? 
 Shaylin is really excited! Finally her favorite kind of riding is going to be represented by the United States Equestrian Team!
Can you guess what sport Shaylin loves to watch?

Cassie has spent all weekend cleaning up the feed room in the barn. She makes especially sure that any spilled grain has been swept up, and the lids to her feed bins are snug. She wants to make sure no nighttime visitors come looking for a snack! What animal is Cassie making feel unwelcome, and why?
 It's Jackson's turn to be shod. The farrier begins to trim
 his hoof, and asks Brooke if Jackson had been lame any time lately. Brooke is sure he is sound now, but after thinking about it, she remembers that several weeks ago she thought Jackson was acting a little ouchy. How did her farrier know?
 J-dawg is at the auction, and has some allowance money to spend! He notices someone is selling a used riding helmet, and he knows he could use an extra one . . . but he knows its probably not a good idea to buy the helmet. Good thinking J-dawg!
Why didn't he buy the helmet?
Lucy is learning how to canter! What is a lead, and how does she know if she's on the correct one?
 After one of the ponies at the State Horse Show colicked, Torey told the EEs it would be important to monitor the pony for  any signs of laminitis. Kate asks, "What is laminitis?"
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